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How to kickstart your product content optimization strategy

If you’ve been putting off content optimization projects for ‘someday,’ guess what? Today just might be the “someday” you’ve been waiting for.

During this period of “Social Distancing”, companies will understandably be focused on supply chain and sales. So, now might be a great time for your product content team to focus on product data completeness, data normalization, and data enrichment projects that can bring both immediate and longer term value to your commerce strategy.

Here’s what we know. Customers depend on a broad set of online product data and related information, including reviews, digital assets, and editorial content, to help them along their buying journey. In fact, eMarketer research finds that 86% of customers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with incomplete or inaccurate product information.

Agility PIM has tools and processes that can help you identify data gaps and inconsistencies within your product data, and pinpoint the content elements that move the needle in conversions:

  • Batch processes and Smart Attributes can use formulas to stitch together a set of attributes into a long name or other meta tags to support organic search.
  • Reports and custom templates can help you identify missing key attributes, images, or other valuable assets.
  • Regularly scheduled processes can also be employed to identify missing or non-compliant attribute values and can generate workflow tasks for corrective actions.
  • Switching text fields to choice lists, where possible, normalizes data and makes reports and analytics more meaningful and is especially important for supporting the faceted search.
  • Setting rules and ranges for numeric fields improves data quality at entry/import and allows you to generate reports of outliers. Similar rules and input masks can be applied to support standards for text fields, e.g. a short description must have fewer than 10 words or 100 characters.
  • Content scoring provides a bird’s eye view of your product data as a whole and can help prioritize enrichment efforts. Agility can assess product completeness and assign content scores based on your defined rules. This can be presented as easy-to-assess content dashboards right within the Agility interface.
  • Content scores can be married with other data, such as sales, page rank, conversion rate or product returns, to identify gaps in content and opportunities for improvement.

It’s always the right time to make sure you’re prepared to deliver a seamless commerce experience for your customers. If the current COVID-19 crisis has created a window for attending to your ‘someday’ projects, the list above offers a good place to start.

As your PIM partner, the Agility team is here to help accelerate your readiness for the digital age and ensure your product content is top notch across all of your specific channels. We remain fully committed to the business success of our community, now and always.

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