Agility PIM at IBM Amplify 2016

The Agility® PIM system, which recently received full validation for its integration with IBM Commerce, is now a “Ready for Commerce” as well as a “Ready for Social” IBM business partner. The Agility solution was showcased at IBM’s Amplify 2016 conference.

Magnitude Agility PIM, an IBM “Ready for Commerce” business partner, will be showcased at IBM’s Amplify 2016 conference in Tampa, May 16-18. The Agility® Product Information Management (PIM) system has recently received full validation for its integration with IBM Commerce.


At the annual event’s Engagement Bar (formerly called the Genius Bar), teams from Magnitude Agility PIM and IBM Commerce will be on hand to demonstrate how users of WebSphere Commerce V8.0 can now seamlessly integrate a full enterprise PIM, giving them a wide array of essential tools for managing and leveraging product information. Agility PIM provides enterprise data integration, BI and data quality tools and a great number of other groundbreaking features, such as Live Preview, which gives all stakeholders an editable preview for in-context authoring and approving.


The Agility Modular Interface (AMI) lets every stakeholder – from vendors to merchants, marketers and creative teams – work within the ideal configuration of Agility “gadgets” to perform tasks such as on-boarding, data cleansing, enriching and reporting on all product content. Agility  Syndication provides real-time, approved feeds to IBM Commerce and delivers to all other touch points, including sales, store, marketplaces, campaigns, customer data exchanges, Adobe CC, call center and other web solutions. Agility PIM unites all departments and delivers the flawlessly consistent, omnichannel experience demanded by B2B and consumers.


At the Amplify conference, Magnitude Agility PIM will also be showing their IBM “Ready for Social Business” validation, highlighting their Supplier/Vendor Portal, which lets companies on-board and manage data throughout the supply chain and is another key strength and differentiator of Agility PIM software.