Agility Partners With Pentaho

Magnitude Agility PIM, an established provider of Product Information Management and MDM solutions for Multichannel Commerce, today announced that it has partnered with Pentaho Corporation to simplify and extend upstream and downstream integration capabilities, and put more power in the hands of data stewards to strengthen data governance.

Pentaho’s Kettle Data Integration software will be marketed via an OEM agreement as Agility®’s Data Integration Module, combining Agility’s rich API functionality with Pentaho’s visual and easy-to-use user experience.

“We were looking for a solution that could help more of our customers unlock the power that has always been available through Agility’s API’s so that our customers can easily create data integrations and transformations to synchronize with existing business systems and meet their growing needs for syndicating data to new and emerging marketing channels,” said Graham Cook, chief technology officer of Magnitude Agility PIM. “We chose Pentaho, because it delivers fantastic ease-of-use, combined with lots of power and a wide array of existing plugins to other platforms and software ranging from SAP to Salesforce to MS Office and all at a great price point. The icing on the cake is that it also gives us the ability to extend its use to provide comprehensive reporting, dashboards and analytics.”

“This partnership advances our goal of providing the most comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use and deploy PIM solution, in conjunction with a comparatively low cost of ownership,” said Jason Simpson, director of sales & marketing of Magnitude Agility PIM. “We’ve already signed up our first new customer, Speedy Services, which has a need to automate the extraction of data for cleansing, governance and publishing to new ecommerce channels,”

Pentaho’s tools are highly intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing network operators to create their own data exports, transformations and integrations, using data blended from Agility and any other business data source, without having to enlist the services of IT database specialists.

“Pentaho strives to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for maximizing the power of big data.  We look for partnerships that allow our customers to access, leverage and analyze data in a real-time manner that drive positive results to the bottom line,” said Jake Cornelius, senior vice president of products, Pentaho Corporation. “By working with Magnitude Agility PIM, we’re providing even greater access to powerful solutions in data governance and control.”

“The need to deliver comprehensive product information management requires enterprise class-data integration that Magnitude Agility PIM is now delivering embedded within its offering through partnering with Pentaho,” said, Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research; “accessing product data anywhere in the enterprise is essential to ensuring that all data is leveraged to meet the business needs from product information management and is a smart move by Magnitude Agility PIM to provide this in-depth data integration support.”