Magnitude Agility PIM Collaborates with Adobe to Bring Brand and Product Experiences to Life

Combination of Agility Product Information Management and Adobe Experience Manager will help companies stand out in a crowded content world.

Magnitude Agility PIM today announced that it is working with Adobe to integrate its award-winning Agility® Product Information Management (PIM) software with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe’s market-leading digital experience management solution. The combination will help companies stand out in a crowded world of content by synching product data from Agility with media assets managed by Adobe Experience Manager Assets to deliver rich, differentiated experiences and product stories that inspire and engage customers.

Adobe Summit 2015 Salt Lake City

This collaboration was forged to address the overwhelming pressure on companies today to offer more and more products online, and to reach customers through growing numbers of online touch points with richly detailed, personalized content. Magnitude Agility PIM, which already offers integration with Adobe’s creative tools, now works with Adobe Experience Manager to provide an agile, user-friendly combination that helps connect marketing and creative workflows with PIM.

Moving at Internet Speed by shortening the time from creation to execution

To compete in a world where business cycles are shorter, competition moves faster and customer preferences change in a heartbeat, companies today need to be exceptionally agile in order to minimize time from product inception to launch. The two-way sync between Agility PIM and Adobe Experience Manager means every stakeholder  – not only creative teams, but everyone involved in the integration, build-out, enrichment and delivery of content to multiple channels – can now select the ideal environment, either via digital asset management or PIM, for doing their best work and have an impactful role in the creation, management and delivery of rich product content, contextual authoring and approval.

Leveraging the complexities of Product DNA

“All products, like the people who shop for them, are unique, multi-faceted and complicated,” said Magnitude Agility PIM CEO Richard Hunt. “Product DNA consists of granular, searchable  attributes with links to associated relationships and assets. Building all that out and optimizing it so that it can be endlessly and instantly sorted, combined and personalized for each customer at any stage and touch point in the buying journey, has to be an end-to-end collaborative process, involving everyone from supplier to merchant to translator to creative. This is the urgent reality.

“Unsurprisingly, Adobe is in the vanguard, and the combination of Adobe Experience Manger and Magnitude Agility PIM’s PIM is an elegant and ultimate response to one of the most complex and pressing opportunities facing companies today.”