Our Latest Release Is Here

Agility Multichannel vient d’annoncer aujourd’hui sa dernière remise à niveau d’Agility® qui accroit et améliore de nombreux outils innovants et conviviaux.

Agility Multichannel, whose Agility Product Management for Commerce (PIM/MDM of Product) software empowers manufacturers, distributors and retailers around the world to conquer the complexities of commerce, today announced the release of v6.2.

This latest version of Agility provides numerous functionality upgrades and many key performance and support-related enhancements.

A number of “gadgets” have been added to or enhanced in the well-equipped and award-winning Agility Modular Interface (AMI) including:

  • the new Slide-Builder gadget that lets end-users publish up-to-the-minute product content directly as Microsoft PowerPoint® slides that can be emailed, edited, or tailored.
  • the Price gadget which lets end-users view and manage prices for individual or bundled products across multiple price zones and currencies;
  • the Table Editor gadget which makes it simple to create comparison charts, specification tables and sizing charts.

Notably, the upgrade provides updated version support for Agility’s powerful Adobe Creative Cloud integration, building on an intrinsic partnership and well-established strength. This enables a single platform for mobile, tablet, epub and print marketing applications.

The new Agility Analytics module provides highly extensible and intuitive reporting and analytics capabilities.  In concert with its own tightly integrated plug-ins, Agility’s OEM version of Pentaho® lets end-users easily view and manipulate readymade reports combining product information with data from other sources, e.g. sales or customer data.