Announcing Agility v6

Agility Multichannel a annoncé aujourd’hui qu’il est devenu partenaire technologique de Demandware LINK, rejoignant ainsi les meilleures entreprises du secteur engagées à accélérer l’adoption de technologies commerciales innovantes, qui secondent la Plateforme Commerciale Demandware®.

Agility Multichannel, whose Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM of Product) software empowers businesses everywhere to conquer the complexities of commerce, today announced a major update to its award-winning suite. Agility® v6 will be available immediately to new and existing customers.

Chief Technology Officer Graham Cook said, “With Agility v6 we’re launching a wide range of new and enhanced features. But one theme underlying everything is usability. Our goal was to give each user a simple and elegant experience, with a groundbreaking new interface that can be tailored to fit their specific roles and needs. We wanted to eliminate barriers to adoption, so that companies could extend the value of our technology into every corner of their enterprise and supply chain. That meant tightening and extending integration capabilities as well as dramatically reducing the learning curve for every user.”

Cook then highlighted some significant areas of development focus:

“Our brand new Agility Modular Interface (AMI) gives businesses the unprecedented ability to uniquely tailor workspaces with intuitive gadgets for merchants, product managers, content managers, creative teams, vendors, translators, et al,” he said, citing as examples Custom Forms that give end users simple controls and buttons, and a StickyBoard that permits comparison and editing of multiple related products or ad-hoc lists of products within a single view. AMI’s toolbox is loaded with many more gadgets such as those for customized searching, browsing, content enrichment, previewing and performance analysis.

To assist IT teams the new Agility Syndication Server tools eliminate over 80% of the integration work previously required to set up and incrementally distribute approved product content across internal departments and external channels, such as multiple websites.

The new release also provides new Governance functionality, for data stewards, and enhanced Data Integration with simple drag-and-drop functionality, which can be used for onboarding of information, validations and data quality. It also adds new, out-of-the-box Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics tools.

Agility v6 has upgraded support for the databases and application servers from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft that it already runs on and introduces additional application server support for JBoss, furthering the company’s goal of minimizing the cost and hassle of deploying PIM and MDM of Product solutions.

Agility Multichannel CEO Richard Hunt said, “We believe that the core of trust between a commercial business and its customers lies in its product information – its record of truth. We’re dedicated to protecting, syndicating and leveraging the integrity of that core data. After a concentrated two-year R&D process, Graham and his team have produced in Agility v6 something that represents an exciting leap forward for our software, our customers and the technology itself. AMI is a unique achievement that will have a huge impact on teamwork and workflows. I can’t wait to get it into the hands of all our customers.”