Agility partners Tokyo-based Agrex

Agility Multichannel et AGREX basé à Tokyo ont formé un partenariat pour lancer une plateforme de Gestion de l’Information Produit innovante au Japon. L’accord de partenariat fait bénéficier au grand fournisseur japonais de BPO et d’intégrateurs de systèmes, d’une Gestion des Données de Référence (MDM) pour l’offre des Données sur les Produits. Agility Multichannel vient d’annoncer qu’il a conclu un partenariat avec AGREX pour mieux percer les marchés japonais et d’Asie Pacifique.

Agility Multichannel, an established provider of Product Information Management and MDM solutions for Multichannel Commerce, today announced that it has partnered with AGREX to spearhead its entry into Japan and other Asia-Pacific markets.

“This partnership significantly advances our goal of delivering Agility and agile commerce to all of the world’s major economies where retailers, distributors and manufacturers need innovative solutions to differentiate and sell more products with greater margins,” said Jason Simpson, director of sales & marketing of Agility Multichannel.

Headquartered in Tokyo, AGREX has nearly a thousand customers, including preeminent financial institutions and major manufacturers. Having successfully distributed a Data Quality and CRM solution for the past 10 years, the executive team at AGREX turned their attentions to the maturing global market for Product Data solutions and undertook a search for a reliable partner with a proven PIM with whom they could join forces to tailor a unique offering.

« We were looking for a best of breed PIM system and an innovative partner with a forward-looking roadmap and growth strategy,” said Shinjiro Nakayama, director of CRM & PIM at AGREX. « We chose Agility because it not only delivers a complete MDM and PIM feature set but has the most intuitive and configurable user interface that we saw.  In addition, we felt that Agility Multichannel, as a company, would prove to be a fantastic long-term partner with a complementary ethos. »

Both companies are working towards a major launch later in 2013.