Agility awarded ‘Hot Vendor’

Agility Multichannel a remporté le prix du « Hot Vendor » dans l’Indice des Valeurs 2012 de la Gestion d’Information Produit par Ventana Research. Le prochain Indice de Valeur ne sera pas publié avant 2015.

Agility has earned a ‘Hot Vendor’ rating in the 2012 Value Index for Product Information Management by Ventana Research.

The Value Index is the result of 10 years of business and technology research experience and market knowledge, combined with in-depth analysis of technology vendors’ products.

“Agility excelled in manageability, capability and usability in our ratings, ensuring it can meet the demand of business for creating and sharing product information across a range of business processes.” said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research. “Agility should be congratulated for it’s rating of Hot Vendor in the 2012 Value Index for Product Information Management.”

“As a pioneer of Product Information Management solutions we are very pleased to continue to be recognized as a leading global PIM software provider.” said Richard Hunt, CEO of Agility Multichannel. « The Hot Vendor 2012 award comes as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of the Agility PIM product release in North America and Europe and we are delighted to hear from Ventana that we excelled in all key areas. »

According to the report, the benefits of using dedicated PIM technology can be significant, confirmed by more than 40% of organizations saying it helps eliminate data errors, improve cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and improve the customer experience through consistent product information.  The report also found that businesses are increasingly implementing PIM with master data management, with only 27% currently using dedicated PIM software.