What’s New in v8: Filtering and Faceting

The release of our highly anticipated Agility Version 8.0 (v8) is almost here. As a follow-up to the Major Upgrades to Agility PIM preview, here’s what you can expect with our new filtering and faceting feature.

With Agility v8, you can navigate your products with lightning fast free-text searches that can be further refined in a unique and intuitive ecommerce-like, faceted search experience, leading to paged results that can be acted on immediately.

We’ve asked long serving Agility team member Roger Pate, who’s closely involved in our product development process, to share insights on this new feature and why this is such a significant step forward.

Roger Pate -- Director, Partner Enablement

Roger Pate — Director, Partner Enablement

Roger, can you explain why the new filtering and faceting functionality is so important for customers?

The first thing our users will notice is the sheer speed. You can type in a simple word or phrase and it will return the results, whether a few dozen or many thousands instantly, so there is no need to think about the time your search might take. Even better, the user interface will automatically serve you options to filter the results down to the ones that you are interested in – so it’s relevant to the content you searched for and what’s in the results.

This allows for a more free-form and exploratory approach to navigating your content so you can see what’s there and look for inconsistencies. I particularly like that Agility now works in a way that we’re all used to with ecommerce sites, which makes it easier for new users and novices to find their way around more quickly.

What is the technology change that has made all this possible?

Under the skin, Agility has incorporated search engine technology from Elasticsearch, that’s used by companies as diverse as eBay, Tinder and Walgreens. We have made significant changes to the internal ‘plumbing’ building of Agility v8 to maintain an Elasticsearch content cache which now sits behind most of the user experience while still maintaining the existing Agility API support. This ensures that everything that users have built in earlier Agility versions will still work seamlessly. By using Elasticsearch, we also now support an advanced query syntax for power users – giving them more ways to find the content they want quickly.

What else can our user community look forward to?

I particularly like the way we support searching for dates. It is now super easy to find content based on dates or relative dates. For example, users can now query: ‘find everything that was modified in the last week’ or ‘find everything where the launch date is next month’.

The countdown is on – preview what you can expect in Agility v8.

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