What’s new in v8: User Experience

The release of the industry’s most advanced and adaptive PIM, Agility v8 is fast-approaching! Here’s a sneak peek on the sublime User Experience.

Agility is focused on teamwork and collaboration amongst business users. Our v8 offers advanced search and navigation features, intuitive workspaces designed to focus on your tasks – allowing you to be as efficient as possible, and a dynamic interface that responds to the information you are working with.

Fredrik Engqvist, Senior Solution Architect

Fredrik Engqvist, Senior Solution Architect

We asked Fredrik Engquist, our Senior Solution Architect based in Malmö Sweden, to tell us more about how the user experience in v8 has been redesigned to delight the large community of Agility users.

Fredrik, can you tell us what prompted the update to the new user interface?

Well, it’s more than just an update to the look and feel. When we started to develop the filtering and faceting feature we knew that it was a radical departure to how our customers work today. There is a real separation in searching and navigating for the products you want to work on, with a seamless transition into the edit workspace where the user now has the entire screen available to work on the content. In previous versions, both these operations occupied the same space, and so now the experience feels less cluttered and more cohesive.

Where did the faceting approach come from and why is this different to the structure browsing method?

I think we have all become very used to this kind of experience when navigating commerce websites so it seemed natural to provide a similar approach in our PIM. It also helps the people working with Agility to navigate the content in the way their customers will. Our improved search results “Grid View” ties in with this approach by providing a familiar and more visual way to browse the results.

The interface has a different look and feel too – what prompted that?

Although functionality is obviously critical to any software product, style and ease of use are crucial to providing a great user experience as well. The significant changes to search and navigation with v8 gave us an ideal opportunity to look more holistically at the whole look and feel. Our new design has more white space and roominess to it, so it feels less cluttered and is more visually appealing. Additionally, along with our Magnitude MDM product, we are one of the pioneers of a new ‘family’ approach to user experience that is being rolled out across the Magnitude suite of products, making it easier to use products in combination.

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