The Power of Product Data for Commerce Success

Agility & Allied Electronics

The customer journey has changed significantly over the years. Today, there are many more steps and touchpoints, which makes the chance of an abandoned sale far greater in the digital customer journey. In fact, one in five customers who fail to make purchase when shopping online blame incomplete product information (source: Nielsen Norman Group).

As such, consistent product data across all touchpoints in the customer journey is instrumental for driving commerce success by removing doubt and ensuring conversion. Today, products acquire ever-growing volumes of data and content throughout their lifecycle. For instance, when a product is first introduced, there are part numbers and product descriptions and during its growth phase, there are product comparisons and short-form videos. As it matures, there are likely to be product stories and information on bundles and kits.

Watch the B2B Online presentation of our Dawn Zassick and Stacey Ostermann of Allied Electronics & Automation on why product information is crucial for driving customer engagement and conversion.

According to Stacey, it’s critical to have rich product data to drive conversions and sales. This begins with thinking about product data as a strategic asset to drive findability, trust and authority: “The story behind how Agility PIM can drive your business is compelling. Product pages have the power to turn browsers into buyers. All of the rich product data that’s curated in your PIM lives in product pages. It’s the customer’s first impression of your brand and can mean the difference between someone clicking and adding to cart or clicking away from your website.”

Hear how other companies are using Agility PIM to succeed in commerce.

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