What’s new in v8: Save & Share Searches

As part of our preview series on the release of the industry’s most advanced and adaptive PIM, Agility v8, here’s the low down on the Save & Share Searches feature.

Agility has always allowed you to save your own search criteria for re-use.  Now, you can share them with specific users and user groups, essentially creating task lists in a specified workspace. Users can pin these searches as favorites to their own space, with regularly updated search counts providing instant feedback on work to be done.

Meg Rhem, Customer Success Team for North America

We’ve asked Meg Rhem, who manages the Customer Success Team for North America, and who has over 15 years of experience working directly with Agility customers, to talk a little about the new Agility v8 Save and Share functionality.

Meg, could you walk us through the major changes with Saved Searches?

You’ve been able to save searches in Agility for years now, however with v8 you can save the filter configuration, the search result layout and the workspace you will see if you click to edit one of the results. Also, a user of a saved search can further refine the results using the faceting mechanism. Another neat feature is that you can lock down a saved search by hiding the parameters, essentially providing the results as a fixed “to do” list.

But weren’t you always able to share searches in Agility too?

Previously, the saved search was made available to anyone that had access to the workspace. In v8, you now have the ability to specify individual users and user groups. A really cool feature is that users can now “pin” that search to their workspace and Agility will regularly push a search result count that acts as a notification or prompt to encourage the user to process the results to zero. So, this becomes a very effective task list function. I think this helps to reinforce the collaborative approach to working that is a real strength of Agility PIM.

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