What Our Customers Are Saying About Agility

How We’re Raising the Bar on Customer Experience for Agility PIM

We’re proud to continuously raise the bar on our customer experience for our Agility PIM customers. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors around the world entrust us to help them radically reduce product introduction times, accelerate SKU count and introduce content excellent categories driven by ROI – all achieved without additional resources.

Watch what our customers are saying about their experience working with our Agility team:

“We have a really great support team with Agility. We try to customize for our customers’ needs and they’ve really helped us to build out those capabilities.”
Stacey Ostermann, Director, Digital Product Content
Allied Electronics & Automation

“They’re (Agility) continuously improving their customer service and the software that we use. That means the relationship is solid and we trust them. This helps us get on with our day-to-day job.”
Douglas Brown, Head of Marketing & Product Management
MSC Industrial Supply

“We have that one source of data now and everyone from different departments can make sure that one source has everything for the product. The collaboration of working with Agility has really helped out.”
Pam Mills, Database Marketing Specialist
Impact Products, LLC

“They’re (Agility) very responsive and always willing to have a meeting and point me in the right direction.”
Tony Orin, Ecommerce Operations Lead

“Working with the Agility team has been great. Anytime we have a problem I know that I can create a support ticket and they can send me to somebody to fix it.”
Sam Roark, Product Information Manager
Gopher Sports

“The ability for Agility PIM to be a one-stop shop to meet all of our reporting and governance needs and the excellent support was a big deciding factor.”
Jessica Alley, Senior Solutions Architect
HD Supply Construction & Industrial

“I can say with great confidence that whenever I needed anything, Agility would respond and be at my service.”
Picky Malhotra, Director, Digital Content Strategy
Consolidated Electrical Distributors

“We chose Agility for their strong integration with other systems and applications such as our Adobe production software. They also provided us with a strong local resource to help us implement our project.”
John Deweerd, Associate Director of Systems

“Agility is wonderful. If we have any kind of an issue, they’re a phone call away.”
Tony Boisvert, Director of Creative Media & Design Services

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