2020 vision for commerce success

4 Product Data Resolutions for 2020

We’ve arrived into the 2020 future but it’s unlike what Hollywood promised. While we’ve yet to experience flying cars or time travel, we have up to this point avoided an apocalyptic scenario brought about by a megalomaniacal artificial intelligence bent on the annihilation of humankind.

So, what does 2020 bring us? The biggest undeniable change is the way we shop: B2B or B2C, with a single click or tap of a button, purchasers can order virtually anything they desire. Today’s customers buy on the fly and they expect a personalized experience and fast delivery. Embracing this new wave of customer engagement is crucial to survive and stay relevant with the always-connected consumer.

As we enter this new decade, it’s the perfect time to reexamine your product information management efforts to make sure you’re prepared to deliver a seamless commerce experience in 2020 and beyond.

4 Product Information Management Resolutions for eCommerce Success in 2020:

  • Resolution #1: Resolve to treat your product information as a strategic asset. You need feedback to gauge the product enrichment required to drive performance, such as the ability to leverage data-driven insights for determining which products will benefit the most from further content and production-time investments, and which are ready for instant release to market. Having enriched, complete product content is a key differentiator between you and your competition for driving conversion rates. 
  • Resolution #2: Resolve to automate wherever possible. A major advantage for leveraging PIM software is the ability to automate enrichment based on business rules—this not only speeds the process but can also compensate for small or understaffed teams with limited resources. For instance, we’ve integrated AI technologies from Google and Amazon to give our customers the most advanced AI-powered product information enrichment with automated image tagging and moderation features.
  • Resolution #3: Resolve to be consistent across channels: Providing consistent, complementary, compelling and correctly targeted product content everywhere it’s needed is essential for driving revenues and building customer loyalty. A PIM solution enables a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer to integrate, optimize and syndicate content efficiently to websites, microsites, external marketplaces and even printed catalogs.
  • Resolution #4: Resolve to continuously analyze and improve your content. Establishing an analytical feedback loop and having quality metrics is crucial for identifying opportunities and staying ahead of the game. For instance, by using a proper PIM solution that offers easy integration with your business analytics tool of choice will provide your teams with real-time insights into your content quality and product performance.

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