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Three Ways to Power Your Commerce Site with Dynamic Content

Keeping your content up to date is table stakes for delivering a good customer experience for any commerce business. As such, leading brands rely on dynamic content to power their commerce sites to deliver pages to users. Without it, they would need to dedicate enormous resources to pre-generate all of their unique content.

Today, the ability to integrate dynamic content into your website can be easily achieved, whether you’re a small business or a global commerce brand. Using dynamic content in Agility means you can be confident that your copy is right whenever it’s published.

The trick to dynamic content is building copy from content you already have. That way, whenever you publish copy it has the very latest core content.

Here are the top three ways you can use dynamic content.

Embedded references

You can build copy by putting references to Agility attributes inside another attribute. We call this “embedding” a reference within another. This means that the embedded reference is resolved when the outer reference is published: you get the up-to-date value when you need it.

When you embed a reference there are a couple of ways to turn that content into copy. One of these is the option to add prefixes and suffixes to content as it resolves. For example, if you stored the “voltage” of an item as a numeric value, for faceted searching, you could publish that number with a suffix of “V”.

Another way is to control how references without values appear. You can choose to either show the unresolved reference (for error checking), show nothing (as if the reference just wasn’t there) or show a fixed replacement value.

PIM Embedded references

Smart attributes

Smart attributes take embedded references and make them… smarter. Smart attributes can make intelligent decisions on what content to publish by using Agility scripts.

You can have conditionality applied to your content and this can be much more sophisticated than the “blank or not blank ” conditions in embedded references. Is a value greater than, longer than, equal to, fewer than…? Your script can decide whether and how it’s published! For example, if something had a value equal to “special” then publish in bold, or promoted up the list, or marked-up specially for a downstream ERP system. But you can also make smart decisions based on your content’s metadata: how about deciding whether to publish content by its workflow status? Publish it if it’s “Approved”; don’t if it isn’t.

Another great feature of smart attributes is that you can build templates for copy. What if you don’t know beforehand how many things will be in your list? What if some things need to be removed for certain channels? What if some need to be added? AQL, the Agility Query Language, will let you search your content for what you need.


Show me my cross-sells!

PIM Smart attributes

Dynamic tables

Dynamic tables bring together embedded references and smart attributes: you use an Agility script to repeat an attribute that uses a series of embedded attributes as the columns in your table.

Agility’s ability to redirect references from one object to another mean you can build an example table once and then re-use it for any object.

So far, so similar to smart attributes, right? The real trick to dynamic tables is that you can have different columns for different objects: your script can change the content it publishes depending on what it is you’re publishing!

For example, for “Batteries” you might want your table to show “SKU Code”, “Voltage” and “Pack Size”, but for “Paper” you might want “SKU Code”, “Size” and “Weight”. You can create both tables from the same script. Even better, if you ever need to add, remove or change a column for a particular object then you can do that on the object itself: no need to find and change the script that builds it!

Be dynamic!

Your data in Agility PIM is your best resource: get it working for you dynamically! If you’re interested in learning how you can create a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, while empowering business users to be more productive, we can help! Contact us today to schedule a one on one demonstration of Agility for your team.

By Jon Finn, Magnitude Agility PIM