how to maximize your global reach with automated localization

How to Maximize Your Global Reach with Automated Localization

Online retailers are constantly looking to find new places to grow as traditional markets and models are undermined, but turning this strategy into reality can sometimes feel like a blind leap into the unknown, even for established international businesses.

84% of business buyers are more likely to buy in their own language 60% of shoppers from non-English countries rarely buy or never buy from English only websites

Source: Common Sense Advisory, ‘Can’t Read, Won’t Buy’

Targeting new markets to drive growth is both an opportunity and a challenge that all ambitious businesses face. Product content is key to these initiatives. And, by managing it centrally, optimizing and enriching it and developing a repeatable robust process to then translate the content and push out to the appropriate markets/regions, you greatly increase your ability to engage globally and be relevant locally.

In addition to supporting a multi-channel marketing approach—whether direct, through syndication or via a marketplace—a robust product information management process provides brands with the ability to repurpose existing content based on audience, preventing the need to create new content each time. Agility is the perfect starting point for these initiatives, which is one of the key reasons we at Lingo24 were keen to be a partner and invest in the ecosystem.

Using the Agility PIM to manage your product content is an obvious first place to start. The platform already supports translation workflows and has an incredibly powerful engine to drive content enrichment. To further enhance the effectiveness of the platform in managing product content for multiple markets, Lingo24 has built an embedded integration between the content stored in the PIM and a translation management system (TMS).

The Agility-Lingo24 integration offers scalability with a very robust and repeatable process.

Users can automate the exchange of data between the Agility PIM platform and the TMS in order to make the content translation process as smooth as possible, allowing content teams to focus on onboarding and enriching new products without having to worry about managing multiple languages.

Reduce costs of taking products to new markets

The pre-built Integration between Agility and Lingo24  greatly reduces the associated management costs, meaning that, in most cases, content teams can absorb existing translation workflows as a manageable addition to their day to day workload.

Since there are very few manual touch points in the translation process, speed to market is greatly improved. The faster products can be introduced to the market, the more you can introduce and the more you can sell. By leveraging other productivity tools over time, such as neural and adaptive machine translation as a productivity tool, the work required by the translation team is reduced, resulting in accelerated market entry and less cost, with no impact on quality.

How you can maximize your chances of success

  • Trend #1 – We live in an ever more global marketplace
    If you don’t take the chance, someone else will! With Amazon, your traditional market is no longer safe.
  • Trend #2 – Traditional trading relationships are evolving
    Opportunities for brand owners and manufacturers to go direct to consumer have never been greater. This doesn’t mean tearing apart distributor or retailer models, but actually enhancing and supporting existing channels through this medium. Brands like Maille, a part of Unilever, have taken this to its natural conclusion—a transaction ecommerce site to buy mustard anyone?
  • Trend #3 – AI and Technology are transforming what is possible
    We have to be careful not to believe all the claims around artificial intelligence, but in the right applications AI can give significant productivity boosts. And, language is one area where it can and is making significant differences.

They key is to understand what your customers want and leverage technology to make it happen seamlessly. It is also important to have the confidence and ambition to try new markets and test, iterate and test and iterate again. Remember if you don’t do it, someone else will!

Blog by: Jeremy Clutton, Global Director, Sales & Channel Partners Lingo 24