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PIM Data Quality

The Importance of Being Earnest (About the Quality of Your Content)

Previously we identified the most common problems with enterprise data management. We talked about the inherent problems of lax rules, unrestricted users and the risks of sloppy or incomplete data in an ecommerce age when data precision matters more than ever. In Part Two we will explore how your company can conquer these challenges with Agility’s Product Information Management solution.

To recap, here are the eight most widespread data demons:

  • Incomplete attribution
  • Inconsistent attribute values
  • Inconsistent date/number formatting
  • Uncontrolled choices
  • Missing images
  • Missing relations
  • Missing translations/updates
  • Need to localize units of measure

For our purposes, let’s assume your company either lacks a content management system or your system is outdated and inadequate for your present needs. So you’re investigating a new solution that can do the job.

Tackling any one of these content headaches takes commitment, people and time. Fortunately, Agility has a full arsenal of tools to help you set up, organize, traffic, curate and manage your product data and resolve your legacy data problems.


One of Agility’s greatest strengths is its ability to let you view your data at every stage, including previews in customer-facing contexts. Agility’s rich, graphical interfaces are designed with users in mind; our developers have done the hard work so you get the information you need, fast, without any manual coding.

You can auto-create items and quarantine problem data upon import. Set up smart attributes, in-field filters and data validation rules using wizards. An attribute history feature gives you an audit trail of every time a value is changed.

Data Cleansing and Consistency

With Agility you can onboard data with confidence. Agility ships with a DI/BA module powered by Hitachi Pentaho for data integration and business analytics. You determine the workflow steps. Whether you have a continuous feed from your ERP or PLM or do one-off loads from outside sources, the DI/BA module automatically validates and corrects the data based on quality rules you establish.

Agility’s principal data management tools help you to ensure uniform, accurate and consistent content according to your business rules. They include:

  • In-field quality filters allow you to define attributes, how they can be used and their permissible values
  • Quarantine to identify content gaps, missing images and other anomalies
  • Smart attributes set expressions that pull to form uniform descriptions with variable data (such as for shoes of the same brand and style but in different colors and/or sizes).
  • Embedded attribute references in descriptions update content when attribute values are changed
  • In-context previews allow you to see content in a web, mobile or print format
  • A datasheet view is convenient for bulk data audits, review and editing

Reporting — the 360° View

Agility BA gives you the most advanced, intuitive reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining and workflow capabilities at your fingertips. This comprehensive functionality includes interactive, self-service reporting for casual users and high-volume, highly formatted enterprise reporting. You can create customer reports and track key performance indicators (KPIs) with easy-to-configure visual interfaces and dashboards.

You can build virtually any report you can imagine. For example:

  • A high-level dashboard for a real-time look at overall product statuses, onboarding and editing status or translation work
  • A data completeness report to track work on a specific taxonomy category or onboarding task
  • A workflow report to assess the progress of a catalog
  • Missing Attribute and Missing Asset reports to aid in filling product data or photo gaps
  • Workflow exceptions report to indicate inactive or expired products

No competing product can match Agility’s reporting package, which delivers the analytics you need, right to your device.

One key point to remember is that data excellence requires careful planning and constant attention. At Magnitude Agility PIM, we have the expertise to guide you through the process, from assessing your data to data modeling to access rights, governance rules and user training.  We’re all-in with you.

Are you in the market for a powerful, scalable and intuitive tool to master and monetize your enterprise content? We hope you’ll consider Agility. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.