Product Data for Experience-Driven Commerce

Agility + Adobe: Leading the Way with Product Data for Experience-Driven Commerce

At the recent 2018 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, Adobe continually highlighted the importance of customer experience and the critical role that experience plays in driving sales. They showcased their “Experience System of Record for Commerce,” which makes it easier than ever to understand your site visitors, deliver the optimal experience at each moment and touchpoint, and adapt your content to support that experience.

Magnitude’s Agility PIM has a long-standing integration with Adobe Experience Manager, which allows for seamless delivery of product content to Adobe-driven websites. As the first PIM connector for Adobe Experience Manager, Agility offers a unique two-way integration that enables every stakeholder with a role in the onboarding, enrichment, approval and delivery of product content to view and edit the content, in context, from either system. Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research called the integration “groundbreaking for uniting product information management and experience management.”

At the 2018 Summit, Adobe also showcased their next generation, microservices-based Commerce Integration Framework API, which makes it easier to connect to the entire Adobe Experience Cloud. The new Framework enables more marketing automation and reduces the time, cost and complexity of supporting omnichannel scenarios and adapting quickly to changing market conditions.

We’re proud to partner with Adobe and to support the new Framework by extending our existing Agility connector to integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud, further enabling experience-driven commerce. One simple integration between Adobe Experience Cloud and Agility PIM will open up limitless opportunities to maximize the value of your product content: Manage your product content in one central Agility content hub and seamlessly deliver it to countless websites, marketing campaigns and channels that drive conversion and commerce, taking full advantage of your investment in product content and the extensive Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities.

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