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Key Takeaways from our Magnitude User Group Conferences

We’ve just wrapped up the return of our 2018 user group conferences for our MDM and DIW customers. In June and July, our MDM, DIW and Agility customers, partners, industry leaders and Magnitude teams gathered to learn and share industry-leading insights and best practices in Manchester, UK and Chicago, IL.

Both events were well attended and generated tremendous feedback from attendees. Among the key highlights:

How to build a better shopping experience – Our US keynote speaker, Forrester’s Bruce Eppinger addressed the top retailers and B2B companies concern on how to beat Amazon. It begins with building a better shopping experience which requires presenting product content in a more relevant fashion: focus on improving functional shopping experience such as navigation, search and content in context.

Technology by itself does not matter, but what we do with technology is important – Our UK keynote speaker, Forrester’s Martin Gill highlighted what it means to be a digital business: to survive and thrive, businesses must internalize technology and learn to make it a fundamental part of their business. It takes mastering these four rules for digital business:

  1. Deliver experiences that are easy, effective, and emotional.
  2. Reconceive products and capabilities to deliver better outcomes.
  3. Build platforms and partnerships to accelerate and scale.
  4. Continuously improve and break through at the digital frontier.

Enhancing the user experience with new product features – Among the Magnitude DIW and MDM topics presented were sessions on modelling techniques, advanced DIW and MDM pointers and previews of both Version 10 SP1 and the new User Interface being developed for Version 11.

The new UI was unveiled during the opening roadmap session, along with the corresponding preview of the new interface for the major Agility v8 release. For Magnitude MDM users besides the new UI, users also got their first look at several other new or revised features, and examples of the significant performance improvement in MDM 10 SP1.

Beyond the general sessions and breakouts, it was invaluable to spend time with our clients and partners to establish new connections and strengthen old ones. The cross pollination of ideas between the MDM/DIW users and the Agility PIM users was very active and productive.

Feedback from the attendees was excellent, including comments like “I learned a lot” and “Looking forward to next year!” Speaking of next year, stay tuned for notice of next year’s events, which promises to be even bigger and better!