Integrate Agility PIM with AI Services to Reap the Power of Artificial Intelligence

As a follow-up to our Agility v8 Integrates Amazon Rekognition and Google Cloud Vision article, here’s a deeper dive on how we’re leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agility to deliver automation and drive greater value for our customers.

It’s easy to integrate Agility PIM with other powerful systems. In this article, we’ll illustrate how you can integrate Agility with AI image analysis, like Amazon Rekognition or Google Cloud Vision AI services.

The tags generated by these services can be indexed by Agility to provide powerful searching capability. This integration has three main steps: Agility Data Integration (DI), the AI image analysis service and Agility v8’s Search Service.

Agility DI

Agility DI is at the core of the integration. DI runs Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes grouped into “jobs”. These jobs can be run on-demand or on a schedule.

In the example below, the job reads assets stored in Agility and sends their preview images to the AI service.

The service analyzes the images to generate “tags” that describe the image, then sends those tags back to the job.

The job collects the tags for each image and adds them to the asset in Agility.

Finally, Agility’s new Search Service indexes the asset by those tags, giving you all the benefits of faceted searching.

Agility's new Search Service indexes the asset by those tags, giving you all the benefits of faceted searching

How your job might look

AI Service

Both the Rekognition and Vision services process images to identify objects, people, places and activities, which you can then use to enrich your assets with metadata.

For example, using the Rekognition and Vision services, this image generates tags like:

  • Guitar, Musical Instrument, Leisure Activities, Electric Guitar
  • Guitar, String instrument, Musical instrument, Electric guitar, Plucked string instruments

AMI v8 Search

New in Agility v8, the Agility Search Service indexes your data into sets of keywords. These keywords unlock the power of faceted searching. Faceted searching boosts traditional search techniques by giving you filters for your search results.

By associating the generated tags in the example above with your assets or the products they are related to, you could instantly filter your list of images or products to show only results with the “Musical instrument”, “Guitar” or “Electric guitar” keyword.

Taking it forward…

We didn’t stop with image tagging. We’ve also created a similar job to implement automatic AI image moderation that uses the same AI image analysis services.

It’s that easy to integrate with other services! And, there’s no reason to stop at AI image analysis—you can power your Agility PIM with any number of AI and other services.

To learn more, contact our PIM experts.