Agility PIM Sits High atop The Information Difference MDM Landscape for 2022

Magnitude Software – with our Agility PIM – tops the charts in technology and customer satisfaction again in The Information Difference MDM Landscape 2022 report.

We thank our happy customers for the rave reviews.

In this research cycle, Information Difference analyzed 40 leading industry players. Magnitude’s Agility PIM came in second overall for having the most satisfied customers, and best technology with a significant part of the “technology” scoring attributed to customer satisfaction.

How is the landscape ranking performed?  The overall performance score is derived by weighting a technology score and a company’s overall market strength.

According to the research methodology “the technology score is made up of a weighted set of scores derived from: customer satisfaction as measured by a survey of reference customers, analyst impression of the technology, maturity of the technology in terms of its time in the market and the breadth of the technology in terms of its coverage against our functionality model.” – Information Difference

Jason Simpson, Director of Sales and Alliances at Magnitude commented “We are proud once again to be ranked so highly for both our technology and our customer satisfaction score. This is a great testimony to our development efforts and our customer success teams and partners supporting highly effective implementations.”

To see the full report, check it out here.