How Agility PIM Drives Product Content Performance

Product Information Management (PIM) is essential for driving commerce success, but there’s a wide disparity in solution capabilities among vendors. For product and marketing leaders, investing in the right PIM platform is a crucial decision — and one that requires understanding how PIM can optimize your product information strategy and performance across your organization.

Agility v8 provides a crucial hub where internal and external stakeholders can collaborate to integrate, enrich, preview, approve and syndicate product content and analyze its performance.

Watch this short demo video to learn how Agility unites and dramatically improves the process for every role involved the transformation of products for Commerce.

Key topics:

  • How content managers can improve SEO and product findability through consistent categorization and attribute values
  • How product managers and merchandisers can maximize product sales and margins
  • How asset managers can easily preview digital assets in context of the products they represent
  • Improving product translation, localization workflows and more

To learn more about Agility PIM solutions, let’s have a conversation.

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