How Customers are Driving Value from their Agility PIM Investments

Our customer success is our top priority and we’re constantly seeking direct feedback from our customers in support of the partnership that leads to their success. This was exemplified at our recently concluded Agility & Kalido Magnitude North American User Conference.

Watch the recordings of some of the customer presentations below and access customer success stories to learn how customers around the world are getting the most value out of their Agility PIM investments.

Allied Electronics & Automation

“We recently upgraded from an older version of Governance to Agility’s new AMI user interface and are already realizing the benefits. One advantage we have already realized is giving our Content Manager’s more control by allowing them to import/export data in and out of the system independently which has enabled them to enrich data much faster. We’re also working towards building more choice lists and validations…. Each of these abilities allows Allied Electronics & Automation to deliver a great customer experience which is my team’s priority.

Stacey Ostermann, Director of Digital Product Content


HD Supply White Cap

“We had siloed and inconsistent data. We used Agility PIM to enrich, govern and grade our data such as the ability to cascade block data down to the product data. We’ve now built a consistent model of success enabling us to work smarter, not harder.”

Jessica Alley, Senior Solutions Architect


To learn more about how Agility PIM can optimize your product information strategy and performance across your organization, request a demo.