Adobe's Loni Stark

Employee Engagement: Numero Uno in any language

We’re closing in on completing new French and German translations of our corporate website. This is why we’re in a position today to share,  in not one but three languages, an essential principle that has propelled every development initiative of the past three years. It was the driving force behind our user-friendly Agility Modular Interface (AMI) and it helped make us #1 in Customer Satisfaction in a recent report on the MDM Landscape:

At Magnitude Agility PIM, we believe that your team’s engagement begets your customer’s engagement.

Chez Magnitude Agility PIM, nous pensons que l’investissement de votre équipe influence la mobilisation de votre client.

Wir von Magnitude Agility PIM sind davon überzeugt, dass das Engagement Ihres Teams sich in der Begeisterung Ihrer Kunden widerspiegelt.

Adobe's Loni StarkYesterday, Loni Stark, director, product & industry marketing at Adobe, who oversees global product positioning, and go-to-market strategy and operations for Adobe’s web experience management business, published a blog post on employee engagement that we think everyone who’s interested in customer engagement should read. “Provide your employees with the training, information, and inspiration to become committed brand advocates, and customer experiences will improve along with business outcomes,” says Loni.  She’s backed it up with a lot of strong research, and you can read it here: