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What’s new in v8: Customizable Search Results

In the countdown to our Agility Version 8.0 (v8) launch, here’s what users can look forward to with the Customizable Search Results feature.

With v8, even your search results can be customized to meet your needs – focusing on the products you manage and the tasks you need to complete. You can select the columns to include within a simple list view, or even choose tiled search results for a richer view of what you’ve found.

We asked our customer success advocate, James Drury to tell us what he’s excited about with this new feature. With nearly 20 years of PIM experience, encompassing implementations, data modeling, training, support and project management – James offers a knowledgeable perspective.


James Drury Customer Success Advocate

James, what can Agility customers look forward to with this new feature?

In the simplest “List View”, the user can select which columns of information are the most appropriate for the search result. This will have more impact when saving and sharing the search query for other team members.

However, we are most excited about the grid or “Template View” feature. Now, your search results are displayed within a micro-template, allowing for better sized images and formatted layouts showing titles and descriptions. It’s the kind of view that you are already accustomed to on most commercial websites when searching for a particular product. It just makes what you are looking for that much easier to spot.

Doesn’t this place more complexity on the user to adjust their search views?

We actually ship v8 with a selection of pre-built templates that can be easily customized to fit each customers’ data model. Furthermore, it can be configured to respond dynamically to the objects in the result set. For example, if you have found asset objects, the grid view will have layouts that are tuned to showing assets – the image may be more prominent and show the asset captions. Whereas product layouts may concentrate more on product titles and descriptions. Agility will take care of tailoring this for the user without having to manually make the selection.

How else is v8 better for searching?

v8 gives better feedback for users to determine if they are looking at the right information.  For instance, we make it easy to manipulate what the results actually look like after the filtering and faceting process. Moreover, high level views are set by an administrator – so users don’t have to worry about configurations.

The countdown is on – preview what you can expect in Agility v8.


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