Customer and Expert Lessons for PIM Success

The right Product Information Management (PIM) solution is essential for retailers, global brand manufacturers and distributors to take control of their product information journey. Though it may seem like a daunting task, choosing, implementing and maintaining the right PIM can be a simple process with the right partner.

Before embarking on your PIM journey, follow these five tips to set a clear vision and the right goals for success:

  1. Assess your objectives. Know your goals and how they link to an ROI on your project. This will help you to justify the expenditure and make it happen in a timely manner.
  2. Weigh your requirements. To fully administrate your system and be self-sufficient in evolving the data model, make sure you establish these requirements from the outset, so you don’t end up with a ‘black box’ once your system is live.
  3. Develop a roadmap. A good vendor will work with you to create one. The toughest projects are those that take too long and momentum is lost, as is internal buy-in and sponsorship.
  4. Recognize that PIM isn’t an island. Product managers, buyers and merchandisers have other valuable sources of data, be it financial, transactional or performance-based. You can use PIM to aggregate and surface this data through the same interface if you choose the PIM with the right tools.
  5. Be on the lookout for new use cases. Some PIM solutions are incredibly flexible in their data model and UI, which enables you to be creative in how you use the software for non-traditional PIM use cases.

Hear directly from our customers on how they’re driving success from their PIM journey.

“Think about the destination, what you want to get out of it, what [it’s] going to do for you. Agility gives you that opportunity to build that vision into the product to service your requirements.”

John deWeerd, Associate Director of Systems & Operations, TIMco

“Find something that works for you and how your business works, that has the capabilities for customizing your downstream or upstream solutions so you can achieve more.”

Chris Waugh, Senior Software Architect, KSM Consulting 

“Ask all the questions. Don’t just be sold on the price or the sales show… there’s a lot more to it. You need to know: is there a team behind you?”

Pam Mills, Database Marketing Specialist, Impact Products, LLC 

“Make sure that if you’re going to have a website and a catalog, you set it up for a website first. Then you’re just going in and readjusting for a catalog to make it print correctly, as opposed to going and undoing things for a website.”

Tina Dockery, Director, Data Management, Tucker Powersports 

“If [a customer] can get to market more quickly, that is a massive differentiator, and you can’t get to market quickly without the right architecture and infrastructure. A PIM — Agility specifically — gives you the foundation to do that successfully.”

Jeremy Clutton, Global Director, Sales & Channel Partners, Lingo24 

“For people that are starting their journey and looking at a PIM solution, I would say definitely look at Agility. It has the interfaces to work with the majority of systems. Like us, it could solve your problems.”

Stephen McIntyre, CMO, Nycomm Group 

Looking for more best practices and benchmark data to help build a stronger PIM business case? Our team is here to help – contact a PIM expert today!