Countdown to Launch: Agility v8 Preview

Already the most advanced and adaptive PIM, Agility v8 provides an unparalleled user experience designed to delight our customers. Lets take a look at some of the top features…

Countdown to Launch: PIM Agility v8 Preview

Any company selling products or services needs to continually deliver contextual, comprehensive and flawlessly consistent product information to today’s ever-evolving and always-connected customer.

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Agility v8 Feature: Filtering & Faceting

With Agility v8, you can navigate your products with lightning fast free-text searches that can be further refined in a unique and intuitive, ecommerce-like, faceted search experience, leading to paged results that can be acted upon immediately.

Agility v8 Feature: Bulk Actions

Whether there are 20 or 2000 search results, you can perform bulk actions directly on them – like updating specific attributes, linking them to a website category, or even completing more intelligent tasks using our Agility DI tool kit. All controlled through a simple step-by-step interface available to any user with the appropriate rights.

Agility v8 Feature: Customizable Search Results

Even your search results can be tailored to fit your needs – focusing on the products you manage and the tasks you need to complete. You can select the columns to include within a simple list view, or even choose tiled search results for a richer view of what you’ve found.

Agility v8 Feature: Save & Share Searches

Agility has always allowed you to save your own search criteria for re-use. Now, you can share them with specific users and user groups, essentially creating task lists in a specific workspace. Users can pin these searches as favorites to their own space, with regularly updated search counts providing instant feedback on work to be done.

Agility v8 Feature: Sublime User Experience

Agility’s newly designed user experience is focused on teamwork and collaboration amongst business users. Agility v8 offers advanced search and navigation features, intuitive workspaces designed to focus on your tasks – allowing you to be as efficient as possible, and a dynamic interface that responds to the information you are working with.