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Choosing the Right PIM Provider: Why Customer Experience is Essential for Success

Ventana Research gives Magnitude’s Agility PIM top scores in product and customer experience

On the importance of effective product information

The past 15 months have provided an object lesson for all organizations in the importance of being agile and moving swiftly to address new challenges and opportunities. As companies scrambled to adapt to disruptions in their business models and supply chains, connecting customers and prospects to products and services digitally was pushed to the forefront of activity. Being successful in doing so decided who would come out ahead and who would be left behind.  In this great rush to get products out via new or nascent channels, many teams overlooked the importance, or lacked the tools and technologies to efficiently deliver optimal product information to the market.

Giving rich product information to users, with enough data that covers every detail of the product, and complementary materials that compensate for what is missing in a non-physical shopping or purchasing experience (videos, tutorials, user reviews, AR…) is key to convince the buyer to not leave at the checkout or go looking for information on competitor sites.  Add to that the fact that, what is thought of as a selling channel, extends beyond the traditional online channel to include mobile, social and other digital channels which have evolved to become highly visual experiences – ramping up the definition of ‘product information’.  Keeping all this data up-to-date and consistent across a wide variety of channels and selling experiences is a Herculean task.

Effective product information technology investments like product information management (PIM) systems can ensure that communication with customers and buyers is consistent and impactful while a company’s operations remain efficient and effective.

Ventana Research asserts that by 2022, one-half of organizations will determine that the digital experiences they provide are not intelligent or automated and fall short of maintaining business continuity for organizational readiness, resulting in lost customers and workforce instability.

Ventana Research


Choosing, or upgrading a PIM solution can be an arduous task, so many companies turn to analysts like Ventana Research to help guide them down the right path toward a solutions provider who will best meet their needs.

Magnitude rated “Exemplary” in the 2021 Ventana Value Index for Product Information Management

Ventana’s research places companies in one of four quadrants in their overall value index with product experience on the x-axis and customer experience on the y-axis.  Ventana placed Magnitude’s Agility PIM in the top right quadrant reserved for “exemplary” vendors who performed the best overall in both product and customer experience.  Our “dedicated approach to PIM, continued investment in product improvements and [especially customer journey supportive] marketing” won us our standing amongst the top 5 in the top right quadrant.

In its Value Index, Ventana Research evaluates a vendor’s software in seven key categories; five are product experience-experience related and two considered customer experience categories.

For more on Ventana’s methodology and the Product Information Management Value Index 2021 findings.


Areas where Agility PIM excelled:  Product Experience

Agility PIM came in top six for Product Experience.  Ventana Research’s methodology examines a vendor’s entire product lifecycle in terms of customer onboarding, configuration, operations, usage and maintenance.

We ranked high in the Reliability and Adaptability categories as a result, according to the research, of our:

  • “Longer-term ability to operate PIM processes”- proven by customer tenures of 20+ years and the continued evolution of product from the introduction of eCommerce through the proliferation of selling channels companies rely on today.
  • Our “ability to connect to a wide range of applications and systems across an Enterprise” – with our proven ability to connect to any system–from SAP and Oracle to legacy, in-house ERPs, from Magento and EPiServer to headless commerce and homegrown solutions.


Areas where Agility PIM excelled: Customer Experience

For Ventana Research, and we would agree, Customer Experience goes well beyond the customers’ experience with the product but includes the relationship that a customer forms with its – in this case PIM – vendor as a harbinger of success with the vendor’s products or technology.  Ventana Research using a weighted score of both Validation and TCO/ROI as a framework to evaluate commitment and value to the relationship.

Breaking this out, Magnitude scored a Top Three in customer experience, recognizing Agility’s high level of commitment to customer service.  “Agility’s high level of “Journey to PIM” information and support beyond the simple case study – detailing what is actually required of a company to adopt a PIM strategy is seen as a strong assist for any company evaluating PIM”.

Our Agility PIM is a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated product information management solution that puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of a go-anywhere, sell-everywhere commerce strategy. The solution is reliable whether you need to support ecommerce, traditional channels (print catalogs and direct mail), or data feed to marketplaces and other channel partners.

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And we’re always improving

We continually evolve our PIM Solution based on customer input and market trends. Watching our customers struggle with meeting the requirements of product data for their eCommerce site, we integrated Elasticsearch into Agility PIM, allowing customers to emulate within the PIM the experience their customers may have on their own website, allowing them to address issues in advance and provide a better experience for their end customers.

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