PIM v8-bulk-actions

What’s new in v8: Bulk Actions

With the imminent release of the industry’s most advanced and adaptive PIM, Agility v8, here’s a sneak peek on the Bulk Actions feature.

With v8, whether there are 20 or 2000 search results, you can perform bulk actions directly on them – like updating specific attributes, linking them to a website category, or even completing more intelligent tasks using our Agility Data Integration (DI) tool kit. All this is controlled through a simple step-by-step interface available to any user with the appropriate rights.

We asked Jon Richards, our Senior Technical Architect, who is a driving force behind the design of v8 to tell us more about the significance of this new feature in Agility v8 to apply bulk actions to your content.

Jon Richards, Senior Technical Architect

Jon, tell us about the Bulk Action feature in Agility v8 and what problems it solves for our customer base?

One major advantage of having a PIM software is that it enables you to have full control over your product content and maintain it more efficiently.  A common scenario is the need to make changes to an attribute for a range of products at the same time based on a category or more complex criteria. Another scenario could be to move the products into a new marketing ‘event’, such as a website.

As we’ve alluded to in our v8 countdown, we’ve radically changed the searching and browsing experience.  As such, we’ve also taken the opportunity to review how these kinds of bulk changes can be made.

With Bulk Actions, the process is now super-streamlined. With the filtering and faceting feature, you can quickly and intuitively whittle down the selection you want to work on.  Furthermore, you now have the ability to apply any required actions onto the entire selection without having to go into a different screen or workspace.

What kind of Bulk Actions are available straight out of the box?

Out of the box, you can quickly link or move products to a new location, or (and I suspect this will be the most popular action) update the attributes of the objects found. Other currently supported actions include unlinking objects and changing their workflow status. The action is driven through a Wizard that allows you to either manually curate the selection of objects throughout the paged results, or just update all of the objects in the result set at once.

How do you see this feature developing over time?

With our regular service pack release program, we’ll be adding more types of Bulk Actions to the list. One flexible option will be the ability to pass the result set through an Agility DI Job that will allow you to define your own actions, whether super-simple or highly sophisticated.  We’re constantly looking at ways to enhance the user experience for our Agility community and the release of v8 provides the first step in a rolling program of usability and efficiency improvements driven by feedback from our customers.

To learn more, check out our preview on what to expect in Agility v8.

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