Bring Products to Life with Artificial Intelligence Image Reading & Product Information Management

Bring Products to Life with Artificial Intelligence Image Reading & Product Information Management

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, and that is especially true in e-commerce. After all, when was the last time you completed an online purchase without viewing an image of what you intended to buy?

An effective product image instantly conveys applicability, information, emotion, and branding in a way that descriptive product text struggles to do alone. However, the task of managing, tagging, and indexing thousands of product images can be daunting.

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). Agility PIM integrates with automated image tagging and moderation services like Amazon Rekognition or Google Cloud Vision to allow product content managers to identify the objects, people, text, scenes, and activities within product images, and store them in the PIM system as searchable product attributes.

AI Image Reading for PIM

For example, this image generates tags like:
Guitar, Musical Instrument, Leisure Activities, Electric Guitar, String Instrument, Plucked String Instruments
Translating these product attributes from visual cues to indexable and searchable text offers marketing teams several benefits:

  • Get your Products to Market Faster – Image-reading AI machine learning tools can backfill missing attributes such as colors or necklines to get a product commerce-ready faster and with a lot less manual effort.
  • Enrich your Product Content – A photo may convey that a product is suitable for outdoor use. Making that attribute available as text within the description or keywords will ensure it is properly included in internal and external search results.
  • Ensure ADA Compliance – Generating ALT tags for all your images makes your content more accessible for the visually impaired and enables your site to be compliant with WCAG 2.1 web content accessibility guidelines.

Should the AI get “stumped” during the review, questionable images are flagged for moderator intervention. Moderator corrections contribute to AI machine learning for constant improvement in the quality of the product data and ongoing accuracy in image recognition.

Images can help bring a product to life, and AI can accelerate the process of turning pictures into words. Our team can show you how. Contact a PIM expert today.