Product Update: Major Upgrades to Agility PIM Coming this Summer

Our development team has been working tirelessly over the last few years on one of the most significant upgrades to the Agility PIM platform in company history. Agility Version 8.0 (v8) will be released this summer, followed by a series of exciting new features and improvements in the months to come.

Based on our ongoing conversations with our customers, our trusted knowledge and experience in the market and our insights as to where PIM is headed, we’ve set five goals for our newest release to ensure that Agility remains the market leading platform that we’ve been renowned for in the last two decades.


Drive System Scalability

Our first goal is to drive greater system scalability, which we define as the ability to handle ever larger volumes while providing high performance for both end user and automated processes. We chose this because over the last decade the amount of content being managed and its use have mushroomed for several reasons:

  • Product line growth due to acquisitionand consolidation in many industries
  • Growth of long tail commerce business models
  • Ever more marketing and commerce channels to be synchronised with consistent content
  • Increasing globalisation resulting in ever more content in multiple languages
  • A big increase in integration points with other systems

By leveraging engineering techniques and technologies learned in other parts of the Magnitude portfolio, such as our Master Data Management and Data Warehousing software, we’re enabling ever larger systems, while simultaneously providing major performance gains for today’s customers.

Enhance Search Experience

This goal is focused on enhancing search experience, defined as how users interact with and discover content. Here, we’ve been inspired by the way many commerce sites and apps allow you to start with a broad ‘Google’ style search and then select filters based on the content you have found in order to quickly home in on the content that you are interested in. Agility V8 has a new ‘Search and Browse’ option based on search engine technology from Elasticsearch that is widely used in commercial websites and enables lightning fast response and a discovery approach that allows you to explore your content and its consistency in a new and highly interactive way.


Deliver Contextual User Experience

Our next goal is around providing a more contextual user experience (UX) by presenting the user with exactly what they need based on the content and the task at hand. We’ve taken the innovative and award winning web user interface of Agility (affectionately known to insiders as ‘AMI’ – the Agility Modular Interface) as a foundation and re-engineered it to support the new search experience. Now, when you choose content you want to work on, it will automatically adjust to present you with the right selection of gadgets and other functionality you need to do your job quickly and effectively.


Agility contextual workspace


Strengthen collaboration capabilities

Our fourth goal is to further strengthen the tools and capabilities we provide to support a collaborative approach to working. A major strength of Agility PIM has always been the way it enables multiple people to work on different aspects of the content, its organization and the review process without stifling the agility (with a small ‘a’!) and flexibility that is essential in any commerce or marketing environment.

The starting point for this in Agility V8.0 is built on the same foundations that power the new search experience to provide new highly flexible task list functionality with push functionality. In future updates to the v8.x programme of releases, we will be adding channel specific content rules which include both what content to publish to a specific channel as well as any validation rules associated with that content and visual dashboards to easily see the current status of your content and what needs attention.

While this is already possible with current versions of Agility, our new approach will be much easier to set up and give more control of its configuration back in the hands of business users.

Improve look and feel

Finally, we have taken the opportunity to review the look and feel of Agility in order to take advantage of recent evolutions and trends in user experience (UX) alongside a similar exercise for our Master Data Management (MDM) software. This will provide a slicker and more productive experience for anyone using Agility and will also give us the opportunity to provide a consistent look and feel across our software family. This opens up new opportunities to provide solutions that provide full MDM capabilities alongside Agility PIM capabilities in a seamless way.

In the coming weeks, we will be giving you a flavor of what’s to come with a series of blog posts that provide a sneak peek of the top five new Agility PIM features that will drive your business to new heights and improve your teams’ productivity.