Advellence and Magnitude Software Partner to Deliver Intelligence-based Product Information Management

From left to right: Graham Cook (Magnitude Agility PIM), Jason Simpson (Magnitude Agility PIM), Thomas Eusterholz (Advellence), Richard Hunt (Magnitude Agility PIM), Otakar Tomes (Advellence), Roger Pate (Magnitude Agility PIM), Tobias Moser (Advellence).

ZURICH, Switzerland and York, United Kingdom – March 7, 2019 – Advellence Solutions AG, a leading Swiss IT company that specializes in strategic and operational IT solutions and Magnitude Software, Inc., a leader in delivering unified application data management to global organizations, today announced a partnership agreement to market and support Agility PIM, a leading Production Information Management solution.

Furthermore, the partnership will enable Advellence to take advantage of Magnitude’s closely aligned Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Warehouse DIW solutions. In addition, Advellence’s SAP expertise lends themselves to provide a fully integrated solution using Magnitude’s market-leading source connectors to SAP. Magnitude Software will benefit from Advellence’s deep expertise and track record of success in PIM and knowledge of the DACH (D – Deutschland (German), A – Österreich (Austria), CH – Schweiz (Switzerland) region and other European markets.

Advellence’s DAM (digital asset management) solution is highly complementary to Agility PIM’s new version 8. With proven success at using artificial intelligence (AI) to help fast track the creation of rich content and help buying decisions, Advellence can be harnessed by Agility PIM users.

Wrapping up the first 2-day strategy meeting in York, UK, Richard Hunt, VP Agility, MDM and DIW solutions for Magnitude Software said: “It’s rare to find such a highly successful system integrator in the PIM space that’s also delivering true innovations in the areas of AI, DAM and with SAP. We look forward to teaming with Advellence to further our mission of enabling retailers, distributors and global brand manufacturers to drive competitive advantage through intelligence-based product information management.

“Beyond the advanced capabilities of the business-friendly Agility PIM solution, our customers will further benefit from Magnitude’s industry-leading Data Analytics and MDM and unique SAP product connectors to solve the mounting application and data challenges facing today’s digital enterprise,” said Otakar Tomes, CEO of Advellence Solutions AG. “With Magnitude’s unified application management portfolio, we’re able to implement an unmatched offering that encompasses connectors to SAP, other ERP solutions, data analytics, MDM, DAM and PIM.”

About Advellence Solutions AG

Advellence Solutions AG is a Zurich-based leading Swiss IT-company that specializes in strategic and operational IT-solutions. We place our focus on both our own solutions and solutions from external providers in the areas of enterprise content management ECM, master data management MDM/product information management PIM and media asset management MAM/digital asset management DAM.

With our expertise in providing complete solutions, we offer a solid unit of services and technologies, which fit seamlessly together – from the consulting, conception and development to the integration and implementation.

Advellence Solutions AG data management experts serve clients of all sizes, from medium-sized businesses to leading enterprises. Master Data Management is an important part of their solutions portfolio. For more information about Advellence Solutions AG, please visit

About Magnitude Software

Magnitude’s transformative approach to unified application data management delivers vast operational efficiencies to business application data access, management, analytics and reporting for the modern enterprise. Magnitude’s portfolio of products includes: simplified application data access to any data source; data management solutions for the SAP and commerce verticals; product information management (PIM); simplified master data harmonization and governance; and packaged application analytics and reporting solutions for SAP and Oracle. The company helps thousands of business users simplify management of their data and deliver on the substantial productivity gains these applications originally promised. For more information, please visit

About Magnitude Agility PIM

Magnitude Software’s Agility® is a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated Product Information Management (PIM) solution that puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of a go-anywhere, sell-everywhere commerce strategy. Magnitude Agility PIM is the only major PIM vendor focused on fully integrating Product Management, Experience Management and Commerce. Agility services customers both directly and through integration and reseller partners around the world. Visit for access to screenshots, research, videos, customer use cases and more.