Adobe Summit 2019 Preview: Agility® PIM Connector for Adobe® InDesign

Agility® PIM Connector for Adobe® InDesign

As we prepare to attend the 2019 Adobe Summit, we are thrilled to announce the availability of the native Agility PIM Connector for InDesign CC2019.

Adobe InDesign CC has been the industry-leading page design software for years. In late 2018, Adobe launched the latest version of InDesign with exciting new functionality designed to make creating easier. We’ve long offered a native integration between our product information management platform, Agility PIM and Adobe InDesign, allowing for the seamless flow of product content and assets from the Agility PIM to the page.

Our updated Connector for Adobe InDesign will allow Agility PIM customers to take advantage of all the new features of InDesign CC2019, like Content-Aware Fit, Layout Adjust, the Properties Panel and visual font browsing.

For companies who still rely heavily on traditional catalogs/direct mail but recognize that they need a product information management system to manage product content for publishing to multiple channels, Agility PIM provides the ability to feed product data to any eCommerce platform, CMS or marketplace alongside our seamless integration with InDesign.

Agility PIM’s native connection eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between the PIM and InDesign. Unlike a conventional plug-in that breaks the PIM/InDesign connection, the native connection maintains the link between the two softwares, ensuring a real-time updated data flow from Agility PIM to InDesign.

The keyword is usability, according to our Richard Hunt, Vice President of Agility, MDM and DIW: “Usability has been our central objective since we first launched Agility PIM. We strive to offer a tool that is not only powerful and versatile, but also intuitive for creative users.”

Our Dawn Zassick, Vice President of Customer Success explains:

“Printed catalogs are still an important piece of the marketing mix for both retailers and distributors, especially as more companies face a reduced brick-and-mortar footprint. They still carry a lot of brand equity as a key part of the marketing mix to drive sales.”

“The Connector for Adobe InDesign enables our customers to derive more practical value from their Agility PIM investment. The ability to collaborate and update pages in seconds is an advantage that can save significant time over the life of a publishing project. And, as long as print catalogs are around, customers will look for cost-effective ways to produce them.”

How it works:

  • Through the Agility PIM Connector for Adobe InDesign, a user opens an Agility PIM menu within InDesign. From here, Agility PIM functions like a program within InDesign, allowing users to flow fully designed content to the page directly from the PIM. From within InDesign, users have seamless access to Agility PIM features such as batch pagination, automated index generation, last-minute pricing updates, lightboxes to view images and icons associated with products, and workflow to control content approval and process management.
  • Thanks to the Agility PIM Connector for Adobe InDesign, the InDesign user can view changes made in the PIM in real time. Content developers, editors and page reviewers can work in Agility PIM concurrently while designers flow and build pages in InDesign. Designers can see redline changes on pages with a simple screen refresh. This efficiency can significantly shorten turnaround time for a review cycle.
  • The Agility PIM Connector for Adobe InDesign’s flexibility helps both print and web channels. For example, index entries allow designers to easily create an alphabetical or supplier index for a catalog. The same methodology allows tags to be created to support SEO on the web. Agility’s APIs and automation tools provide seamless integration with pre-existing merchandising solutions and automated syndication to web and mobile commerce. Its configurable web interface creates a single, role-based environment for authoring and enriching promotional marketing information and digital assets. Agility PIM gives users the ability to preview their product information in web, email, iPad and print promotions, all through one interface.

Agility 7.2 supports Adobe InDesign CC versions from 2006 through 2019. Click here to learn more about the Agility PIM Connector for Adobe InDesign.

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