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Agility CEO Richard Hunt

I’ve been thinking about product information, down to the granular data, for nearly my entire professional life. My colleagues and I at Agility Multichannel are laser-focused and passionate about something that epitomizes the meaning of “sweating the small stuff.” For us watching Agility become the user-friendly, state-of-the-art technology that it is today has been exciting. Getting glowing reviews from our customers has been beyond rewarding. But we know that product data is critical stuff and that adopting PIM can be an overwhelming prospect.

To help you in your research, I’ve boiled down Agility’s competitive strengths into 5 key areas.

Great User Experience.  End users are most productive when they have tools they love to use. The Agility Modular Interface (AMI) gives all users the most efficient process and workflow.  It’s easy to configure, precisely the way you want it, for every role – merchants, product managers, vendors, content managers, creative, et al.  Everyone with a stake in integrating, optimizing and selling product information loves using AMI. 

Total Openness and Extensibility. Agility is best-of-breed, built ground-up for easy, air-tight integration with multiple systems from many vendors.  It has fully documented APIs and can be perfectly tailored to meet all business-led requirements.  Agility Syndication enables workflow-driven delivery to ecommerce solutions, incrementally or by batch. Our extensive Data Integration and Business Analytics functionality is built on top of the industry leading Pentaho® suite, giving users a ton of additional, invaluable, out-of the-box functionality, at no extra cost.  No other PIM system can integrate as seamlessly into your technical ecosystem as Agility.

Superior Data Modeling and PIM Functionality. With hundreds of development years invested in our software we can say unequivocally that Agility is the most comprehensive and most flexible solution of its kind in today’s market place. Because we used all the right building blocks, we can meet the most complex and demanding requirements of any company selling products, offers or services, anywhere in the world.  For example, Data Modeling:  What happens when changes in product range and/or approach mandate the need to change taxonomies or hierarchies in the database? That’s when our customers experience acutely why Agility is so superior to other, far more rigid solutions that can’t be made to adapt to change without further investment.  In stark contrast, Agility’s unparalleled adaptability keeps the ongoing cost of ownership to an absolute minimum. Agility gives you unrivaled, heavyweight functionality in conjunction with uncontested, featherweight flexibility.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction.  For two years in a row, our customers have voted us Number One for customer satisfaction in a major independent analyst report. Our comprehensive online helpdesk and annual, complimentary, 2-day intensive User Workshops in Europe and in North America provide great forums for introducing new product releases and for getting the kind of feedback that propels product development. Ask our customers:  they’re better advocates than any sales force out there.

Low Total Cost of Ownership. Our highly ranked, world leading, enterprise software is proven to satisfy the needs of the largest global customers. But our pricing makes our solution accessible to SMBs as well. PIM shouldn’t be an elite technology for only the biggest companies.  To this end, we favor yearly pricing, which means less money up front; a joint commitment between you and us to make things work going forward.

Our policy is to delight our customers and hope they say good things about us – about our technology, our pricing policies and our culture. We’d rather spend our resources on R&D and an excellent dedicated support team than expensive, high-pressure, high commission sales people. For many purchasers, buying a PIM system is a one-time event. Our approach is to support those wishing to self-qualify by giving them all the information they need to understand what it’s actually like to use Agility. 

Long-term customer satisfaction is our sales strategy, driven by canny buyers who not only want the best technology, user experience and on-going support, but also demand the best value for money. I hope you’ll find on our website the information you need to get your exploration of Agility underway. Please contact us if we can be of help. I look forward to beginning (or continuing) a conversation with you. Thanks for visiting.

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