Agility Multichannel's Data and Asset Sync, together with their Previews feature for in-context approval, are ground-breaking as they unite Product Information Management (PIM) with Experience Management and Commerce platforms, a requirement we foresee fast becoming critical for the successful roll-out of the new generation of Digital Commerce suites.
Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research, April 2016
Agility changed the way our company works. It streamlined processes, cleaned data, and created ‘one source of the truth’. If SAP is the backbone of our organization, Agility PIM is the heart and lungs. It's saved time, money and hassle. It's true with software that ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. However, with Agility, users like it and embrace it because it's intuitive and benefits them, no matter what level, or what department. That’s why it's used, that’s why it's successful.
Nick CookBrand Director, EMEA
We are fortunate to have a very collaborative team across Office Depot Inc. and Agility Multichannel that is working on our Product Information Management solution project with the Agility Modular Interface (AMI). Orchestrating a project that merges the product information from two large companies into one unified content portal is of significant magnitude. The overall integration is helping us streamline getting products to market, and improve the search and shopping experience for our customers.
Cynthia Rodgers MaignanDirector, E-Commerce Content Strategy & Management
Agility is a fantastic product, with a great team of people behind it.
Andrew ParkhouseOperations Director
The richest meaning of 'multichannel' refers to using individual channels to support the success of all channels. We want to make it easy and enjoyable for customers to find the products they want at Allied. Agility has been central to a strategy focused on our customers' experience.
Picky MalhotraDirector of Catalog, Content & Data Management
We're super satisfied with our enterprise PIM solution. Agility has made a significant contribution to our efficiencies and workflows.
Dean MuellerVP of Marketing & Business Intelligence
Technically, Agility was a great fit for Specialist Crafts, and the ease and speed with which the solution can be customized is amazing. With Agility we've been able to reduce effort, increase consistency and pull disparate processes into coordinated workflows.
Nick BeavonManaging Director
"Agility® is an integrated PIM solution that has helped us to improve data quality and given us greater control over data usage for our multi-channel marketing.”
Julie GiordanoMulti-Media Manager
Not only does Agility® help us to produce more publications with our existing team, but it will make it possible to efficiently share product information internally and externally via the web to grow our cross-channel business.
Phil LloydChief Technology Officer
Agility enables us to integrate our data from multiple sources and provides a single interface for optimizing rich product content and syndicating it to our branded websites and other channels – ensuring accuracy and consistency.
Stuart TaylorWeb & eTrading Manager
We recently invested in Agility to enable us to turn our product information into a strategic asset and to distribute it faster. Megger is growing at a steady pace, and it's important for our sales teams to have ready access to accurate information. We're already seeing the benefits in the improved consistency of our data.
Nick HildtichMarketing Services Manager