The architecture of Agility® Product Information Management (PIM) is highly flexible, endlessly scalable, tightly integrated, and easily deployed, no matter how big your company

Agility's highly flexible, 3-tier architecture runs on enterprise-class server infrastructure from leading vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Vmware and Red Hat.

This allows it to scale from very low cost deployments for customers with small numbers of users and modest amounts of data all the way up to the largest of enterprises. It also means that Agility is just as happy to sit on-premise in your server room or to be hosted in the cloud and is compatible with virtualization technologies.

The core of the system is the Agility server which provides access to all your information via a powerful XML-based web services API  that includes the unique Agility Query Language. We use this API to drive our end user functionality and tools such as our Data Integration and reporting plugins for Pentaho® & Agility Syndication. This makes fitting Agility into your overall IT infrastructure much easier.  In addition, developers can utilize our API directly with documentation, training and support available from our support website and through our network of Agility partners.

Supported Third Party Software

  • Application Servers:  IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Red Hat JBoss
  • Database:  Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer
  • Server OS:  Windows, Unix, Linux
  • Client Platforms:  Windows, Mac
  • Creative tools:  Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Web browsers:  Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox
  • Virtualization:  VMWare, Windows Server or any supported by application servers and databases mentioned above