Content Optimization

Product Information Management (PIM) is an inherently complex process that we've made exquisitely simple.

Agility is a powerful platform for aggregating product information from a multitude of sources and governing its disciplined management.  Once that data has been prepared, enriched and approved, Agility then automates the simultaneous publication of enriched product content to any number of downstream channels, each with its own rules and restrictions. It's an inherently complex process that we’ve made exquisitely simple with our Agility Syndication module.

Public ecommerce sites and marketplaces are among the most obvious destinations for product information.  But the interchanges and junctions within the enterprise – ERP, intranet sites, sales departments, call centers, order processing, warehouses, stores, data feeds to other companies carrying your products, and so on – are just as critical.

Agility Syndication excels at speeding high-value product information to all consumers of your data, in real time, either incrementally or in batch feeds.
Simple to set up right out of the box, it performs 80% of the process that is generic to feeding any system, and then uses channel-specific adaptors in the Agility Web Services API to format and optimize for any number of output channels you specify. You simply define a set of rules to determine how your data is to be exported for the initial population of the downstream channel, as well as how subsequent changes to these syndicated structures are to be propagated, via incremental change messages.

Then Agility Syndication delivers your reliably accurate and targeted content and flawlessly consistent branding and messaging everywhere.

Agility's fully integrated creative tools ensure that all design oriented promotions are highly sophisticated and laser focused, whether they’re destined for the web, tablet, print or mobile. Our proprietary plugins for Adobe InDesign® page layout software are unrivaled and far superior to the bolted on, third-party plugins that are standard issue in the industry.