Product Information Management Use Case: Specialist Crafts

Our team of specialists can provide your company with the expertise and practical tools you'll need to build a strong business case for Product Management for Commerce.

During an initial consultation, via webinar or onsite, we'll gather the foundational information we need to develop a detailed ROI analysis and report.

If we feel your business isn't ready for a Product Management for Commerce approach, we'll tell you. If, on the other hand, we feel there's not a moment to spare, our report will thoroughly substantiate our conclusions, prioritize goals, and detail strategies for minimizing risk and cost, so that when the time comes you'll have all the ammunition you'll need to fast-track deployment and company-wide adoption. 

We have a proven approach to business case justification. By taking the time to understand your growth plans and business objectives, as well as the inefficiencies of your existing systems and practices, we can forecast the longterm effects of doing nothing and use it as a concrete base of comparison to show you the benefits and cost savings you'll achieve by adopting Product Management  for Commerce.

We'll base our analysis on projected cost avoidance and conservative new sales and margin gains. We'll apply well tested formulas to your processes and workflows, and we'll provide spreadsheets precisely detailing your existing costs and time expenditures. We'll apply the same data to an Agility model, and you'll  see side-by-side, commonsense comparisons, in $/€/£/¥.

We can also work with you to assess the quality of your data and the depth of your product information to demonstrate how Product Management for Commerce can benefit every stage of the enrichment and categorization processes, improving search results and conversions.

We'll time and document your product cycles now – from sourcing to end customer – and apply them to the Agility model as well. We'll take into consideration SKU counts and all of the costs associated with SKU preparation and syndication through the channels you're feeding now, as well as any markets or countries you're looking to expand into.

We'll conservatively quantify the potential value of Agility's impact on every aspect of your business – sales, margins, growth and even customer loyalty.