Product Management for Commerce

“Agility” has become a buzzword in the Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) universe that we exist in. But for us it’s much, much more than just a word.

Agility® is the real deal. We were pioneers. Many of our software engineers and support team have been right here for more than 10 and as many as 20 years, through historic technological and marketplace shifts, making our systems perform for our customers, meeting and surpassing their needs. We’re honored to work round-the-clock for a diverse roster of companies who range from the up-and-coming type to the Fortune 500 type. All of them have challenged and inspired us to push our boundaries.

Aggregating, managing and viewing all product and related master data through one central repository is a cornerstone of any multichannel strategy. In the many years since we saw a need in the industry and developed the first version of our Product Information Management software, PIM has become a critical technology investment for large, mid-sized and high-growth organizations.

One theme underlying everything that we've done since the beginning is usability. Our groundbreaking, team-spirited Agility Modular Interface (AMI) makes optimization easy and can be tailored to fit all individual roles and needs. Our dynamic workflows make our PIM not just the simplest on the planet but the most collaborative too. 

We're constantly working to eliminate barriers to adoption, so that companies can extend the value of our technology into every corner of their enterprise and supply chain. That's meant tightening and extending integration capabilities as well as dramatically reducing the learning curve for every user.

Agility has come so far since our beginnings that we've had to coin a new term to encompass it:  Product Management for Commerce.

The benchmark is clear: eBusiness leaders must make the necessary investments in product content to level the playing field and ensure they can compete for mindshare during the discovery and exploration phases of the customer life cycle.
Polishing Up Your ProductsPeter Sheldon, Forrester Research, Inc. - November 19, 2014