• "Silos are today's biggest digital experience barrier"


    * The Integration Imperative of Digital Experiences
    Forrester Research, Inc. December 6, 2016

  • "95% of companies said the integration of PIM and eCommerce is strategically important (or very important)"

    Integration of PIM
  • "Only 1 in 10 companies have solved the issue of integrating from all data sources"

    Ventana Research
    Ventana Research

Is a PIM System Right for You?

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This Is the Age of Distributed Commerce

When you're looking to drive sales growth and build customer loyalty, the key is providing consistent, complementary, compelling and correctly targeted product content everywhere it's needed.

You need to manage product relationships and assortments in a way that can convert single sales into multiple up-sells and long-term loyalty.

The pressure is on to exponentially increase the numbers of SKUs offered while drastically decreasing the time it takes to get your offerings to market.

You need feedback to gauge the product enrichment required to drive maximum ROI. You need scientific methods for determining which products will benefit the most from further content and production-time investments, and which are ready for instant releast to market.

Your processes have to be efficient. You need to work collaboratively – internally across departments, and externally, with suppliers, vendors and affiliates – so similar tasks aren't repeated over and over again.

You need to understand product completeness for all new channels, marketplaces and data exchanges, and then automate approval and syndication the instant they're ready.

The Intro to PIM Webinar

In this pre-recorded 30-minute webinar, guest-speaker Nasry Angel, lead analyst and author of the Forrester PIM Wave, joins Agility Multichannel CEO Richard Hunt in a wide-ranging discussion about the essential value of PIM solutions.

Nasry Angel

Nasry Angel
Lead Analyst
Forrester PIM Wave

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt
Agility Multichannel