Agility Experience

The Agility Multichannel team combined has over 1,000 man/woman-years of experience designing, developing and implementing Product Management for Commerce systems.

We've worked with successful businesses of all sizes and stripes in the manufacturing, distribution, services and retail sectors. We’re seasoned developers, software architects, QA and support specialists, plus a few managers and technical sales folks too. Some of us come from software backgrounds. Others from B2B and retail companies where we’ve gained an end-user perspective that we bring to bear on our work every day. We take a lot of pride in the problem-solving skills and experience we’ve acquired in the “millennium” we’ve spent working with and listening to the people who use our software. Most of all we’re proud of the lasting relationships we’ve enjoyed with our customers and with all of the integrators and resellers we support throughout the world.

We’re a software and services company, and we specialize in one thing: helping businesses like yours maximize the returns on their product information with increased sales and margins. We experience our own success, as a team, when we see Agility becoming vital to a marketing and promotional process that gives our customer a significant competitive edge. We innovate, we implement, we enable, and we listen. With our head office in York UK, and operations in Chicago USA and Bangalore India – as well as a partner network throughout Europe and in Asia – there's always someone working at Agility Multichannel, 24 hours a day. We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help your team not just manage but master and leverage the incredible complexities and opportunities of multichannel commerce.