All too often, vital data is managed separately through compartmentalized silos and incompatible processes.

At its highest level, Master Data Management (MDM) is a discipline that addresses the companywide challenge of efficiently managing and integrating a wide array of critical components and entities:  customer and service information, accounts, operational data, regulatory compliance standards, vendor and partner data, materials, accounts, products and relationships and hierarchies.

A disclaimer: we are not all things to all people. That's never been our goal or purpose. Agility isn’t a total solution for every aspect of Master Data Management, but we do believe we provide the very best solution for one rapidly developing and increasingly critical area of MDM.

Our knowledge and our software's functionality is uniquely deep and broad when it comes to providing a fully integrated solution for managing all aspects, down to the granular level, of product information, which is a key (and sometimes overlooked) element of the overall MDM discipline.

Our specialty,  which we've called Product Management for Commerce, is actually a blend of MDM of Product Data functionality with the most advanced and simple-to-use tools for product enrichment, analytics and multichannel syndication. Those are functions, frankly, that no other branch of MDM has made a focal point or even a priority. But it's emerged as an area of critical concern for companies selling every kind of product and one we ourselves have worked hard to define and progress. We've spent many hundreds of people-years refining our software and services around this conviction about its extreme importance.

Though we're firmly committed to the premise that optimizing product information is a key deliverable, we're also fully dedicated to that high-level ideal of MDM that we talked about at the top of this page.  Agility isn't only about product data per se. It's also about linking it up, aligning its processes and harnessing its value in concert with all other master data, for a unified and holistic enterprise. Hence, our software was designed from its inception to manage multiple master data domains, including things, places, vendors, reference data and relationships and hierarchies. And it supports multiple MDM implementation styles, including co-existence, centralized, and consolidation.

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All too often, vital data is managed separately through compartmentalized silos and incompatible processes. We were impressed with Agility Multichannel’s innovative approach to product MDM, with its emphasis on collaborative authoring and workflow, and the many target channels, platforms and applications it supports.... The number of creative tools and digital publishing mechanisms is distinctive, beyond what we’ve seen from other solutions in the PIM / product MDM space.

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MDM Think Tank // May 8, 2013