Agility Multichannel provides an array of management specialist services, which can dramatically accelerate deployment and enhance ongoing performance.

We offer three levels of managed services, each of which can be tailored to fit every customer's specific requirements and goals. 

1. Standard:

Provision of virtual hosting environment: we can furnish a secure virtualized environment offsite where you can access Agility's complete suite as well as all required third-party software and applications, including database, application server and server OS.

This service enables you to minimize the necessity for internal IT set-up and ongoing support;
enjoy complete administrative and governance controls, just as you would with an onsite install; eliminate initial capital investment as well as upgrade spends; ensure a swift "go-live" process.

At any stage you can decide to convert to onsite installation.

2. Premium:

Provision of both virtual hosting environment and services for system administration.

Comprehensive IT services, including full and incremental timed backups, onsite and offsite; performance monitoring and tuning; deployment of all patch/bug fixes and all major upgrades.

Premium customers will be provided with all services associated with a SaaS offering, but within their own secure VM environments.

3. Custom:

We  work with customers to define the scope of managed services required. Administration services range from comprehensive/onsite to basic/offsite.  A customized program can be extended to provide full governance services and first-line software support for users.  After-hour, weekend and holiday support terms are optional. All custom managed services can be provided on a short- or long-term basis.