Case for Change

Agility’s Product Management for Commerce solution is used worldwide by fast-growth, medium and large manufacturers, distributors and retailers with dramatic improvements throughout the enterprise and a rapid return on investment.

To help you build a business case for Agility and Product Management for Commerce, we've assembled a list of 20 key features and benefits:

Lightning Fast Speed to Market

With Agility, all attributes, multiple versions & languages can be managed through single view & interface

Agility dramatically reduces the internal burden by empowering vendors in the process

Web-first, product-centric workflow and incremental syndication means no waiting time for new & approved products to be released

Agility reduces errors & review cycles by up to 90% and production times by up to 75%

Agility Syndication allows incremental updates to any channel:  products are on sale the moment they're approved

Quality Content and Promotional Excellence

Automated data integration and validation ensures highest quality content

SEO optimization increases number of potential buyers

Depth and detail of product information supports customer journey and greatly improves the likelihood of sales

Agility provides a single view for authoring for all channels, ensuring flawless consistency

All content can be edited in channel-specific previews, for sales-effective offers and optimal product presentation

Unlimited Growth

With Agility, SKU counts and attributes have unlimited capacity for expansion, instantly enabling endless aisle  or long tail

Agility supports a commensurate increase in internal users and external promotional channels

Supports multiple ecommerce sites for added brands

Eases and expedites expansion into new domestic and overseas markets

Agility's process excellence & replication support M&A activity

Boundless Productivity

Workspaces and workflows can be tailored precisely to needs of individual stakeholders

Standardization of processes and workflows

Automation of validation and production tasks

Unrivaled tools and processes free up marketing and creative teams so they can focus on high-value tasks and decision-making

We have seen output increased by up to 600% without additional resources

Ventana Research

Already a Hot Vendor in our last Value Index, they have dramatically advanced their Agility offering in many areas including Usability, Reliability, Capability, Validation, TCO/ROI, and Adaptability, as well as a deep support for digital commerce that underpins its independent and platform approach to PIM.

Mark Smith
CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

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Forrester Research

The benchmark is clear: eBusiness leaders must make the necessary investments in product content to level the playing field and ensure they can compete for mindshare during the discovery and exploration phases of the customer life cycle.

Peter Sheldon
Forrester Research, Inc

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