Agility v7 is here

Agility v7 Puts Top PIM and MDM Solution in the Cloud and on Premise, Delivering a Multitude of New Features

Agility Multichannel announces Agility® v7, its most significant product release in 18 months and the most powerful and extensible Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) enterprise software available today. Designed specially to let business users deploy and scale with ease, Agility can be implemented in the cloud or on premise, so that every company can leverage their product information, deliver the right content in the right place at the right time, and achieve ROI quickly.

More Built-in Intelligence Than Ever

Agility v7 now ships standard with an integrated Business Intelligence (BI) suite, with pre-configured dashboards for reports on ROI, on product performance and on numerous other KPIs.

Endless Innovation Around the Agility Modular Interface (AMI)

With Agility v7, the award-wining Agility Modular Interface (AMI) has been been given a fresh new look, and its comprehensive library of gadgets has been greatly expanded. With simple drag-and-drop tools, business users can configure their ideal web-based workspaces in seconds.
Agility Multichannel has also announced the launch of a gadget ecosystem, letting solution partners build gadgets, innovate and contribute endlessly to the benefit of all Agility customers in pursuit of fully integrated digital commerce suites.

Mass Data Loading and Content Management

Agility v7 also features a fully integrated Data Integration (DI) module; Data Sheet gadget; seamless Excel integration and lightning-fast Elastic search tools. It allows for mass data loading and content management as well as auto cleansing and standardization for data originating from all internal and external sources, including vendors. 
To deliver the seamless experience demanded by today’s always-connected customer, end-to-end collaboration is a must. Agility v7 makes it a reality, connecting all processes and people.

Even More Support for Commerce Delivery Channels

Agility’s unique 2-way integrations with DX and commerce solutions – featuring its extremely popular preview feature for in-context authoring, editing and approval  –  have long made it the leader among MDM/PIM solutions, with the deepest support for digital commerce. Its cartridges and certifications with major players now include the IBM Ready for Commerce certification and integration with WebSphere Commerce v8. 
With the new release, Agility’s unique, native support for Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) has been richly enhanced. including support for native InDesign tables and, with its new Smart Attributes feature, provides dynamic publishing (print and web) capabilities.

Sneak Peek: the full Saasification of Agility

Coming end 2016 is Agility’s full SaaSification, with multiple- as well as single-tenanted options. Whether cloud customers choose to deploy v7 in a public or a private environment, they’ll reap all of the benefits of Agility PIM and enjoy instance set-up, hassle-free management plus monitoring and servicing options.
Agility v7