We can tailor and execute a program unique to your company.

At Agility Multichannel we're focused on giving companies the advanced tools they need to be self-sufficient at managing their product information for commerce. Critical to success are the integration and validation of base information – its build-out, enrichment and branding. Doing these things right can add dramatic strategic value.  Doing them wrong can cost time and money. There are times –  at the start of a project or during a major business transition –  when additional help and expertise is needed to ensure success.

Our many years of experience undertaking exactly this kind of work means we have the knowledge, skills and proven processes to bring to bear on a wide variety of businesses, systems and data.  And to get it done quickly and efficiently.   

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Some of the projects we've undertaken on behalf of customers:

Capture and Cleansing

  • Mark-up, capture and integration of data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, business systems, and QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud pages
  • Mapping and integrating Agility data with in-house database, spreadsheet or business systems
  • Data remodeling for optimal web classification & search ranking
  • Specifying and building data feeds and data exchanges with partner companies 
  • Mass manipulation and transformation of product data
  • Data profiling: identifying data that is noncompliant with business rules and standards
  • De-duplicating and cleansing inconsistent and redundant data
  • Data validation: validating, standardizing and correcting attributes, indices and relations
  • Data modeling and building out of standard attributes for multiple categories and ranges

Product Specialists

We can dispatch product specialists to work on your data (or they can do it remotely), importing it from integrated Excel spreadsheets and manually enriching and building out products in the Agility System.

If after completion you wish to devote additional resources to product management, we will gladly transfer the necessary data integration tools and provide knowledge and blueprints to empower your team.