Powered by industry vanguard Pentaho®, Agility PIM’s advanced Data Integration (DI) module gives you exceedingly fast, easy-to-use and profitable tools for harnessing and gaining insight from ever-increasing volumes, variety and velocity of data.

With Agility Product Information Management (PIM),  you get standard input and output connectors to all of your systems, out of the box. These include Microsoft Excel, IBM, Oracle and SAP applications. And data flows just as swiftly to data exchanges with partner companies; to marketplaces selling subsections of your products, and to and from internal and external channels and users.

Agility DI gives developers and power users/administrators a simple, visual, drag-and-drop design environment and an open, standards-based architecture, fostering vigorous integration, data quality, reporting and workflow processes, with minimal coding and maximum productivity.

Agility DI's full range of features are both highly sophisticated and exquisitely simple.  Our extensive Extract Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities are provided through special nodes in the Agility Web Services API.  Agility DI facilitates thorough data quality and validation checks with unlimited business rules and is capable not only of efficiently moving unlimited volumes of data in and out but of ensuring that all of it, regardless of the source, is flawlessly consistent, accurate and analytics ready.

Data Integration

Agility Business Intelligence (BI)

Agility Multichannel's unique partnership with Pentaho means our customers can have the most advanced, most intuitive reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining and workflow capabilities at their

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