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End-to-end collaboration is essential for successful go-anywhere, sell-everywhere commerce. Agility® PIM's unique, award-winning Agility Modular Interface (we like to call it AMI) gives every stakeholder an integral role in authoring, enriching and approving data, delivering content to every channel and bringing products to life.

Build Your Own Interface

The Agility Modular Interface (AMI) provides a vast array of gadgets that let every end user consolidate essential product data into a single, customizable view or "workspace."

With Agility's finely honed tools, your team can add unlimited marketing value while enriching, approving and delivering  consistent, persuasive and even personalized product information through all existing, emerging, and future channels and touch points. Optimize for websites, mobile, tablets, marketplaces, sales teams, call centers, stores, email, circulars and catalogs, in multiple languages and versions. Analyze results to refine business strategies. AMI empowers you not just to keep up with market forces but to anticipate and outpace them, maximizing sales and margins.

Each end user can choose from role-specific workspaces that have been defined using XML and edited inside the Agility Governance Admin Browser page. Each workspace can be custom configured to provide the most useful and appropriate selection of gadgets in an intuitive and user-friendly layout.

Here are some sample configurations for some key business roles:

PIM Workspace Gadget tool boxLook inside the AMI gadget toolbox

to see how to build a custom workspace for every stakeholder.

With AMI we can precisely put the correct information for editing in front of the right partner without compromising ROMPA data.
Graham CorpsIT Director, ROMPA/Flaghouse
Moving to AMI has significantly decreased the amount of rework needed for our products.
Stuart TaylorWeb & eTrading Manager, The Consortium