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Agility® is a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated Product Information Management (PIM) solution that puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of a go-anywhere commerce strategy. We’re the only major PIM vendor devoted to fully integrating Product Management, Experience Management and Commerce.
Our software, unlike other purely data-focused solutions, connects Content with Creative for Commerce (our 3 C's.) Our people are technical, analytical and extremely creative, a rare combination that we value highly. We've tried to cultivate a unique, fertile and pretension-free environment where people can tap both the left and the right sides of their brains. 
Agility Multichannel isn't a start-up nor are we a major software mega-corporation. We're a dedicated team of people who are laser-focused on innovation and customer satisfaction – our two biggest differentiators – working with some of the most forward-thinking technologies in a fast-moving field. Some of the most experienced and talented Java developers, solution architects, product support engineers, and business analysts work at Agility Multichannel, in Europe and North America.  In concert with digital agencies, integrators and technology partners we're a tight-knit community.
For two years in a row we've been ranked Number One for Customer Satisfaction above all other vendors in an important independent research firm's report.  The happiness of our customers is everything to us, and we're looking for people who share that commitment. Our customers include Adidas, Avon Products, Dunelm Group, Office Depot, and Stanley.  We have offices in Chicago, US, York, UK, and Malmö, Sweden, with integration and reseller partners throughout the world. 

Below are the positions we're currently seeking to fill. 

Agility Multichannel careers UK
To rank #1 for customer satisfaction in a survey based on a large sample of references speaks volumes. To do it two years in a row is a far more difficult and impressive achievement, showing not just commitment but follow-through.
Andy HaylerPresident & CEO, The Information Difference

Pre-Sales Engineers