The Agility Modular Interface (AMI) provides a vast array of gadgets that let every end user consolidate essential product data into a single, customizable view or "workspace."

Out of the box, Agility is ready and simple to use, and its many benefits will be felt immediately, but the benefits will accrue the longer you use it. Role-specific workspaces can be defined using XML and edited inside the Agility Governance Admin Browser page. With our vast, growing library of "gadgets" to choose from, every end-user  – vendor, merchant, product manager, translator, creative, et al – can have the ideal interface and be fully engaged in the collaborative process of onboarding, enriching, approving and syndicating product data that will delight your customers.

What's more, Agility Multichannel's gadget ecosystem lets solution partners build gadgets, innovate and contribute endlessly to the benefit of all Agility customers in pursuit of fully integrated digital commerce suites.

Here's a sampling of the many gadgets you can chose from to custom configure the ideal workspace for every stakeholder.   

With AMI we can precisely put the correct information for editing in front of the right partner without compromising ROMPA data.
Graham CorpsIT Director, ROMPA/Flaghouse
Moving to AMI has significantly decreased the amount of rework needed for our products.
Stuart TaylorWeb & eTrading Manager, The Consortium